The Waterproof Notepad is a simple and inexpensive gift that a lot of people are going to love getting. When it comes to gift ideas, this is at the top of our list for gifts under $10. For the price of this, you can afford to get one for everyone on your list. In all seriousness, this is a great gift for anyone who comes up with their best ideas in the shower.

More about the Waterproof Notebook

You might not think there’s a lot to say about a waterproof notebook, but you’d be wrong. Here’s a list of some of the things you want to keep in mind before you decide whether or not this is a good gift idea.

  • Many People – First off, you have to think about who will be getting this as a gift. This is great for anyone who takes a shower regularly – and that’s just about everyone. No matter who you’re buying for this is a good idea. 
  • Useful – The best thing about this is that it means there are no more ideas down the drain! This waterproof notebook makes it easy to take small ideas down while you’re in the shower. This can make sure you don’t forget your best ideas. 
  • Reminders – Another way this is useful is for leaving reminders and messages for family members who are forgetful.
  • Relax – It can also help you relax by drawing, sketching, or doodling in the shower while you wash away the dirt with warm water.

For the price – under $10 – this is really a good value in our opinion. While not everyone is going to enjoy getting a waterproof notebook, you can be sure that at least some people on your shopping list are going to love this for one reason or another.  And with hundreds of reviews online – most of them four or five stars out of five – you know you’re getting something that’s actually going to be useful.

It comes with 40 sheets of paper, which is more than enough for most people to last a month or two at least. And at under $10 each, you can afford to go ahead and get a few of these so that they last longer for whoever is getting the gift. If you’ve used a waterproof notebook for the shower before, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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