These sipping stones come in a nice gift box and a carrying pouch. They are made with 100% Pure Soapstone, making them durable and safe. This is the perfect gift under $20 dollars for a wide range of people.  Men love them but women can also use them for anything from Whiskey to Wine. Overall, for this price range, this is an awesome gift that is unique and a good value.

Who Will Love This Gift?

First, let’s take a look at some of the types of people who will really enjoy this gift the most.

  • Party People – Anyone who throws a lot of parties is going to love getting these as a gift, something they can use over and over again.
  • College Students – Even if they don’t party a lot, most college kids are going to find these useful to have around.
  • Hot Weather – Anyone living in hot weather most of the year is going to enjoy having these around the house.

Even if someone doesn’t drink alcohol, this can make sipping cold soda better because it’s not as watered down as it would be using normal ice cubes.

Features of Sipping Stones Set

  • Useful – These sipping stones are a great way to prevent your drink from getting watered down with traditional ice cubes while still keeping it cold for hours.
  • Plentiful – You’re going to get a total of nine (9) sipping stones that will enable you to chill quite a few drinks at the same time.
  • Easy to Use – All you need to do is throw these in the freezer and wait a couple hours. After that, drop them in a drink and chill your drink without watering it down.
  • Great Value – When you look at the low price point for nine chilling stones, you can see why we think this is such a great value.

As you can see, this is a perfect gift for yourself if you throw a lot of cocktail parties. At the same time, it’s a nice, inexpensive gift that other people are going to love receiving. These are built to last, and you get quite a few for the price, making it a great value. Also, whoever gets these is going to remember who they got them from every single time they use them.

Have you used these chilling rocks before? If so, we’d love for you to write us a comment below and share your opinion. We work hard to make sure we’re only bringing you the hottest gifts around. We really think that applies to this one, but we’d like to hear from you so join the conversation!


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