Designed for ages 13 and up, this Portable Skee Ball and Bowling Set is a lot of fun that you can take with you wherever you go – like the park, beach or anywhere else there’s going to be a party outdoors. Easy to set-up with no complicated installation necessary, you’ll be able to start playing right away. Best of all, you can get this for under $50, which is really a good deal when you stop and think about everything you get for the price.
Who Would Love a Portable Skee Ball Set?
To start, let’s go over some of the people who might love getting this as a gift.
  • Teenagers – Teens are going to love playing this game in the backyard. The best part is that it’s easy to clean up and store so it stays looking new.
  • College Students – As you might imagine, this is also a great idea for college students who will be going to a lot of cookouts or tailgate parties.
  • Party People – Speaking of parties, this is a great gift idea for anyone who is always throwing some type of party or another during the warm months.

This Skee Ball set is also going to be enjoyed by a lot of other groups of people.

Portable Skee Ball Set Features and Benefits
Next, let’s go through some of the benefits and features you can expect if you purchase this for yourself or to give to someone as a gift.
  • Everything you Need – The portable Skee Ball set Includes 6 white balls and 1 red ball, everything you need to get started playing and having fun. 
  • Easy to Store – The whole set folds up for travel and storage. It closes securely with Velcro tabs, making it simple to put away. It even has a handle to make it easy to carry from place to place. 
  • Affordable Price – At under $50, this is a high quality game that’s going to last for many years, making it a great overall value in our opinion.

Not everyone is going to enjoy getting their very own Portable Skee Ball set, but for those who are into the game in a big way, this is a terrific gift idea that will keep them happy for years to come. From the high quality construction to the low price, there’s a lot to love about this classic yard game.

If you have any funny stories about playing Skee Ball, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment in the form below and share your experiences with this or other skee ball sets.

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