Want a great gag gift that’s actually useful for someone who is always freaking out? We have you covered! The Panic Button light switch isn’t very expensive at all, but it’s something the person who receives it is going to use for yours to come. Made from high quality materials, it’s built to last. Basically, it will replace an existing light switch with a huge, red panic button!

Panic Button Light Switch Features and Benefits

You might not think there’s a lot to say about a gift like a panic button light switch, but you’d be wrong. Here’s a short list of some of the major features and benefits of this gift.

  • Cool Design – This is basically a Big Red Button that is an On/Off switch. However, it’s a cool design that is sure to get laughs. The stainless steel looks nice. 
  • Standard Size – The panic button light switch is a standard size that will fit most homes with existing light switches.
  • Practical – While it will turn your light on and off without any hassle, it also acts as a dimmer switch so that you can set a mood in the room. 
  • Safe – This panic button light switch has been UL Approved. This means it’s gone through rigorous testing. It’s rated for  Rated for 600W Max power.
  • Easy to Install – With super simple installation, this is a snap to get working. Whoever puts it in will want to take safety precautions, of course, but it’s easy. 

This is not going to be a gift that everyone “gets” right away, but with that said, we think that a lot of people would love getting this as a gift. If you’re getting it for a child, you want to make sure the parents are going to be able to install it. There’s nothing worse than a child with a cool new toy who can’t use it right away. As mentioned above, it’s really easy to install this by following the directions.

When it comes to gag gifts like the panic button light switch, you really need to make sure that you’re getting it for the right person. Some children are going to love it while their parents might give you a nasty glare. If you can, offer to install it with a free “certificate” in the card. On the other hand, there’s also a lot of adults that we think are going to get a kick out of this gift. It might even work in your office – but make sure you talk to your boss before installing it.

Would you like to have a panic button light switch? Leave a comment and let us know whether or not you would think this is a cool gift or not. At Awesome Gifts, the entire team spends a lot of time each and every day coming up with the best gift ideas for men and women of all ages. What do you think?

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