Have you ever burned your hands on the oven rack? Even if you haven’t, we think you’re going to love the oven rack burn shield. We think it makes a great gift idea for any parents on your shopping list. It’s also good for the elderly and anyone else who might have problems dealing with a hot stove.

The beauty of this product is that it’s so simple and easy to install. Best of all, it really works to protect you! While it doesn’t get rid of all of the heat, it works good. You’re still going to want to be careful to avoid burns. Overall, for under $15, we think it’s worth the money and if nothing else will help you remember to be careful when getting something out of the oven.

Oven Rack Burn Shield Benefits and Features

Here’s a quick look at some of the main considerations you want to keep in mind before you decide whether or not to buy this as a gift for someone.

  • Safety Item – The silicone shields are safe up to 440° F. They’re going to get warm – especially at higher temperatures – but you’ll find that they’re not as warm as the actual metal racks in the oven. 
  • Easy to Install – Another thing we really like is that this is so easy to install. It simply snaps into place at the edge of your metal oven racks which means easy installation and removal if you need to wash them. 
  • Protection – This product can protect your hands from nasty burns. You still want to be careful when using an oven, of course, but overall this is going to make it a little bit safer. And that’s always a good thing. 
  • A True Value – You are going to receive two guards for one low price. If you need more, it’s easy to order more two at a time.

This has received some negative reviews at Amazon and elsewhere online, but it does work. You have to remember that it’s not going to completely get rid of all the heat in the oven. If it did that, you wouldn’t be able to cook! In all seriousness, you still want to be careful but this can make it a bit more safe to use the oven.

If you have used an Oven rack Burn shield before, we really want to hear from you. If you leave a comment below and let us know what you think about it, we’ll be able to share that review with everyone else who visits our site. At the end of the day, we care about all our readers at Awesome Gifts.

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