Wow! What an awesome gift this would make for some lucky person in your life. We’re going to go over some of the types of people who would really appreciate getting this as a gift. Additionally, we have some information about exactly what you get for your money when you purchase it.

Who Would Love Getting a Portable Fuel Cell as a Gift?

To start, here are some ideas on who might like this as a gift.

  • Campers – This is going to really be loved by campers or people who enjoy being outdoors a lot. It makes it easy to get a bit of power without having to deal with gas or kerosene.
  • Hunters – Another group of people who would like this gift is hunters. Even if they’re old school hunters who like to rough it, this is a great thing for them to bring along on any outdoor adventure.
  • Elderly – This is also a great gift for anyone who is getting older and is concerned about what would happen if the power goes out. This gives you enough to take care of some essentials wherever you go.
  • Students – This is also a great idea for college students who are constantly on the go and want to make sure they have a power source for their mobile devices at all times.


Benefits and Features of the Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell

Here is a short list of some of the major benefits and features of this portable fuel cell so you can see for yourself why we think it’s such an awesome gift to give.

  • LIVE SWAPPABLE ENERGY – This means charging without waiting, which is ideal for disaster readiness. The product is solid state and has no natural discharge to worry about.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – No Toxic Chemicals are used and it’s recharged with water, which makes it extremely safe for the environment. This is great for people who like to stay green.
  • HYDROGEN POWER – This uses powerful Brunton Fuel Cell Technology. All you need to do is lock the rechargeable Hydrogen Core to the Hydrogen Reactor for hours of power off-the-grid and on-the-go!
  • 2 HYDROGEN CORES – You really get your money’s worth. Each of the two hydrogen cores is Capable of 6 iPhone recharges with a 5v 2amp output.
  • AWARDS RECEIVED – Let’s not forget about all the awards this little beauty has won, including the Outdoor Gold Industry award for 2013, the Best in Show for 2013 and the Popular Science Best of What’s New award.

There are a lot of reasons to consider this as a gift. One of the best is the low price when you consider how much some people are going to be able to use this fuel cell. This is actually a great gift idea for a lot of different types of people – especially those who like to be prepared at all times for anything the world throws at them.

If you’ve used the Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell before, leave a comment and let us know what you think about it. You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions you’d like us to answer. When it comes to Awesome Gifts, the entire team is here to help you decide how to best spend your money when getting a gift.

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