This is a really cool high-tech item for the shower. If you know someone who likes raves or techno music, there’s a good chance they’re going to dig this gift. At the same time, it’s also good for children and others. Whoever gets this gift is going to enjoy being able to take a shower while enjoying the water colored with LED lights.

Here’s a short list of some of the benefits and features of this LED shower head:

  • No Battery Needed – One of the coolest things about this gift is that you don’t need batteries or power for it to work. Everything runs from the water pressure.
  • Easy to Install – You’re not going to need expensive hardware in order to get this installed and working right away.
  • Enchanting – The colors fade automatically once the water is turned on, giving you an enchanting stream of water.
  • Attractive – Beyond the nice colored LED lights that hit the water, the shower head is made with a chrome finish so it looks great and fits in with the rest of your tub.

As mentioned, one of the coolest things about this gift is that you don’t need any batteries to run it. Water pressure going through the shower head actually power the colored LED lights. This makes it a gift that will keep on giving for years and years. With the super easy installation and affordable price, it makes a good gift for someone who seems to have everything already because there’s a very good chance they don’t have this!

Have you used the Color Changing LED Shower Head before? If you have used it before or seen it in someone’s house, let us know by leaving a comment. This is a unique gift that only certain people are going to “get,” but the ones who do get it are going to love getting it as a gift. If you agree or disagree, write up a comment and let us know your thoughts. Here at Awesome Gifts, we take the time to find the very best gifts online for all types of people. Still, we enjoy when we get help from our visitors.


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