Have a new boyfriend? Gift giving can be a bit difficult if you’ve just started seeing someone and don’t know about them yet, but don’t fear. We have some awesome gift ideas for the man you’re dating as well as some general advice you should keep in mind before you buy something. Taking the time to find the perfect gift can go a long way in showing a person that you really care about them.

Giving a Gift to a New Boyfriend

Before we get into some specific gift ideas, we’re going to go over some of the general rules you should keep in mind if you’re in a new relationship. It’s important to follow the proper etiquette for gift giving at this crucial point in a relationship. The good news is that we have you covered with what you need to know.

  • Pay Attention to Price – While you may think that if you love someone you should spend as much as possible on them, this isn’t the way love works. For someone you’ve just started dating, you don’t want to spend too much. The exact amount will depend on how much money you’re making currently.
  • Pay Attention to the Person – Rather than concentrating on price and getting something just because it’s expensive, try to sit back and think about everything you already know about the guy. Reflection is always good for relationships, and the time spend will help you come up with a perfect gift.
  • Get Personal but not Too Personal – Instead of getting a really personal gift, give him something that shows you’ve been paying attention to what he’s been saying. For example, if he’s been going on and on about some new science fiction show, get him something related to the show.
  • Avoid the Love Songs – While mix tapes – or CDs – are a great idea, you don’t want to overload them with sappy love songs, especially if you’ve just recently started dating! Instead, come up with a fun or funny theme – songs about road trips – or something that will show him you’re a creative person.

Hopefully, some of the ideas above will hit home and seem like a good idea to you. Next, we’re going to go over some of the most awesome gifts you can give your new boyfriend.

Top 9 Gifts for a New Boyfriend

Without any further ado, here are twenty awesome ideas for gifts for your new boyfriend.

  1. Soccer Ball – Have a sports fan who loves the World Cup? Buy him a soccer ball. This is an inexpensive gift, but it’s one that shows you know what he’s interested in.
  2. Sketch Pad – Is the new guy in your life an artist? If so, he might enjoy a nice sketch pad – large or small. This can show you support his interests.
  3. Waterproof Cell Case – If your new boyfriend is into the outdoors in a big way, get him a plastic case that will allow him to take pics even if there’s water around.
  4. Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker – You can find these on eBay occasionally, and although they can be a bit expensive, they’re a great way to bring back memories if you’re both of a certain age.
  5. Beer Making Kit – Do we really need to say anything about this one? Not every guy will enjoy this, but if they love good beer there’s a chance they will thank you heartily.
  6. Wireless Headphones – You can get these pretty inexpensively these days, and they’re a great gift for men who are on the computer a lot or love listening to music.
  7. Funny Poster – If the new man in your life has a good sense of humor, look around and try to find a funny poster to give him.
  8. Aluminum Water Bottle – For guys who are working out all the time, give them a manly water bottle made out of aluminum instead of plastic.
  9. A Tie – While the guy might not appreciate this gift at first, it doesn’t cost a lot of money and can help you get him dressing a little better.




Have any other ideas? We’d LOVE to hear them. Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re thinking. When it comes to awesome gift ideas, you can never have too much input. Also, take a look at our page on gift ideas for him that can give you even more specific ideas on what to give the new person in your life.