You are not really expected to bring a gift whenever you are invited in a wedding ceremony or reception. But if you are a close friend or part of the entourage especially as one of the wedding sponsors, you would always oblige yourself to give the couple even the simplest wedding present. There’s a long list of thoughtful wedding gift ideas for you to choose from. But you might want to focus on items which could help the couple start or perhaps, enjoy their new life together.

Something the couple could cherish and remember

These are simple gifts or tokens which could help represent your well wishes for the couple. To make them more special, you could actually create these on your own.

  • An artwork about their love and relationship. You can opt to make and frame a collage or mosaic of their photos together, sketch or draw the couple, compose and create a poem, create a love timeline, etc.
  • Monogrammed or embroidered pair of pillows. A pair of pillows or throw pillows bearing the name of the couple are among the most popular and cute wedding gifts. It’s a nice reminder of you and of the wedding every time the pillows are used.
  • Personalized display vase. Decorative items like vases are also nice gift ideas. Adding up personal touches or details would also make it special and great.

Something the couple could use

The couple is about the start a new chapter in their life; hence, they would certainly appreciate gifts that would help them start their journey.

  • Cash or gift certificates. Money or cash has always been a practical and acceptable form of gift. Instead of cash, you could also give gift certificates which can be used to purchase household items or perhaps, groceries and household supplies.
  • Appliances or kitchen utensils. Newlyweds aren’t expected to have all the basic home appliances and kitchen utensils. This could be an opportunity for you to give your share or create your part in their new home. Click here to find the best price appliances.
  • Cookbook. Everyone must admit it; not all newlyweds are prepared to do even the simplest house tasks like cooking. If you know that the couple is not accustomed to cooking, a cookbook would be of great help.

Something the couple could enjoy

Finally, there are wedding gift ideas which could let the couple enjoy their new life together. Examples include the following:

  • Massage and relaxation gift. After a hectic and stressful wedding event, you can help ward off those stresses by treating the couple to a relaxing massage or spa session.
  • A dinner date. You can also provide a romantic dinner date for the couple at their favorite restaurant which they could avail after the wedding and home moving.
  • A honeymoon vacation or trip ticket. The couple should already have a plan as to where they should spend their honeymoon. But if they don’t have plans yet, you might want to suggest and provide either the accommodation or trip ticket as a gift.

Although it would be a delight for the couple to receive expensive and material gifts, remember that they would generally be satisfied in knowing that you wish them well and will be there to support their newly formed family.