Finding a great gift for one person can be difficult on its own, but what if you want to get the best thank you gifts for couples? We have you covered with a list of some wonderful ideas that will make both people who are receiving the gift happy. No matter what type of couple will be receiving the gift, it’s important to make sure everyone involved will be able to appreciate the gift.

Awesome Thank You Gifts for Couples

Here’s a list of some ideas on ways to thank a special couple in your life. The amount you spend should depend on how big of a thank you you’re wanting to give. Luckily, we have gifts in all sorts of price ranges for couples.

  • Gift Basket – The think to remember about getting a gift basket for a couple is that you want to try to get something that both people will enjoy. The good news is that it’s easy to find all sorts of gift baskets with different items in them. If all else fails, you can buy your own basket and fill it up yourself with stuff you know they’ll love.
  • Wine –  There’s nothing like being able to enjoy a fine wine. Just make sure you don’t get the cheapest bottle you can find! You can also get something like a Embroidered Initial Wine Tote with Wine Tools – a really nifty package that has everything you need to enjoy a good bottle of wine.
  • House Portrait – You’re going to need to find an artist to do this – or someone really good with Photoshop – but it’s a great way to say thank you with art. Be sure to go ahead and get a nice frame and mount the house portrait so that you’re not making them do any extra work.
  • Photo Album – While digital photos are nice, there’s something special about having them printed and all stored in one place – like a nice leather bound photo album. To make this gift extra special, try to print any photos of the couple you can find without letting them know what you’re doing. Be sure to leave a few empty pages at least.
  • Personalized Gifts – No matter what you decide to get them, if you can personalize it with their name somehow, it’s going to be a much better gift in most cases. The good news is that you can get all kinds of items personalized these days without spending a ton of money – like the house portrait we already talked about.
  • Food Gift Cards – Why not treat the lucky couple to a nice meal? Be sure to get gift certificates from their favorite restaurant or a really nice one that they haven’t tried yet. You should also be willing to come through as a babysitter to make sure they get time to go out if they have children.
  • Thank You Note – Sometimes, a handwritten note can mean as much if not more than an expensive gift. Take the time to come up with something really thoughtful to write on the card and make sure you use your best penmanship. Go beyond just buying a stock card that everyone could get and be unique with your gift.
  • Couples Massage – Speaking of gift cards and certificates, why not get one for a nearby spa? A couples massage is a great way to say thank you and allow the couple some downtime to relax and get away from some of the stress in life. Just make sure you get a large enough amount for them to be pampered without having to spend their own money.

Thank you gifts for couples should be thoughtful, something that really comes from your heart and shows how much you truly care. If you have any funny stories about getting gifts for a couple, please leave us a comment and let us know. When it comes to gift ideas, you can never have too many.