Want to find the best gifts for toddlers in summer 2014? We have a lot of great ideas for outdoor toys that are safe and age appropriate for young children just beginning to get around on their own. First, we’re going to go over the main points you want to think about before you buy any gift for a toddler. After that, we have another great list of gift ideas that you can easily order online.

Advice for Buying Toddlers Gifts

Before we give our usual list of specific ideas you can use, we need to talk about a few things you need to think about before you buy anything.

  • Safety – Speaking of being age appropriate, you want to make sure you get something that will be safe for toddlers. The good news is that most products will have a label that tells you the age that can use it, but you need to make sure you follow the guidelines.
  • Fun Factor – At the same time, you want to make sure you get them something they will consider fun and want to play with more than one time. This is why it makes sense to spend a little more money and get something truly spectacular.
  • Socializing – Sometimes, you can get a gift that will make it easier for them to interact with other children their age. We have some good ideas for this below. A lot of toys are built to be played with by more than one child.
  • Price – As we mentioned already, you don’t want to get the cheapest gift possible just because they’re a toddler. It’s a much better idea to spend a little money and get something they’ll grow with for a few years. Don’t shop by price alone!

The most important thing you want to keep in mind is the safety of the toddler, of course.

Awesome Summer Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Now that you know what to keep in mind when you’re buying a gift, here are some specific ideas for gifts that they’re sure to love – especially on warm summer afternoons.

  • Lil’ Captain Baby Pool – This is meant to be filled with water, of course, but you can also fill it with balls for just as much fun. It’s built pretty well and you can expect at least one season of use out of it with “normal” use by toddlers.
  • Splash N Scoop Bay – For toddler social events that won’t soon be forgotten, this is a way for them to play with water and sand at the same time in a convenient raised table that’s just the right size for them.
  • Super Sounds Soccer – This is a mini soccer goal for toddlers. When they hit the target, they’re rewarded with sounds. This is meant for children aged 2 to 5 years old and will grow with them, so it’s a good investment.
  • Barbeque Play Set – If you want to teach your toddler safety, this play BBQ set can help you let them know they should stay away from the real one. A lot of different companies make these, but you want to get something that’s constructed well.
  • Bubble Machine – These are great for hours of entertainment for toddlers. Well, at least half an hour maybe. In all seriousness, make sure you get something that is non-toxic and safe because you know they’re going to be popping the bubbles after chasing them.
  • Books – For rainy summer days, there’s nothing better than cuddling with a toddler and reading to them from their favorite book. Reading to children at this age can do a lot to help them learn to read later in life. There’s a Monster at the End of this book with Grover is a good one.
  • TacTic Toss – Another good lesson to teach children at this age is about exercise and staying fit. TacTic Toss uses bean bags that toddlers can use to play tic tac toe. This will help keep them moving around and exercising while they’re having fun.


Do you have any other gift ideas for toddlers in the summer? Leave us a comment and share your ideas with the rest of us. When it comes to gift ideas, we strive to make sure we cover all the angles and bring you the very best.