You may or may not love that your boyfriend is a geek, but it’s also nice to show that you support him. These nifty gifts have style and geeky personality, but won’t take away from couples time.

Portal 2 Bookends for Shelf and Books

Each bookend features a test subject from the game going through orange and blue portals. The Portal 2 bookends commemorate the game while encouraging your significant other to read or study and keep things in order. If you’re partner is a gamer geek, they’re sure to adore these commemorative bookends, for just around $30.

ThinkGeek Tactical BBQ Apron

Want your partner to cook and feel cool doing it? This Tactical BBQ Apron is fully-equipped to help your partner master the grill. The apron features a real MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) system for holding everything your grill master needs. This gift is especially good for fans of crime television shows, or those who want to participate in grill combat warfare, for just under $40.

DC Comics Batman Ice Cube Tray

This ice cube tray is cool, literally. The ice cube tray features 12 cavities for creating Batman insignia ice cubes. Help your partner to enjoy his or her time cooling down with your favorite beverage of choice with these batman ice cubes. Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most, and these ice cubes will help your partner feel calm, cool and collected — just like Batman, for just around $5.

 Erlenmeyer Shot Glasses

If you’re significant other is a science geek, this Erlenmeyer Shot glass is sure to tickle their fancy. The shot glass is made of lab quality borosilicate glass and can fit 0.8 oz, for just under $20. If your partner is a Bill Nye wanna-be with a love for liquor, they’re sure to love geekin’ and drinkin’ with these set of four shot glasses. Let out your inner Beaker or mad scientist with these nifty glasses.

ThinkGeek Building Brick Slippers

Build up your sweetie, with these blue building brick slippers. The slippers are one-size-fits-most and are made of polyester. The one-size-fits-most is well-suited for those who wear men’s size 12 and smaller. These fun blue slippers are sure to build up your partner’s comfortable and fun sides, for just under $40.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Live Long and Pizza with this cutting edge pizza cutter. The pizza cutter is fully-equipped with a zinc-chromium alloy secondary hull, laser-etched stainless and is a complete replica of the intergalactic spaceship, the Star Trek USS Enterprise. The pizza cutter is an officially licensed Star Trek collectable, and the only logical gift for Trekkies that loves pizza, for just around $30!

Build-on Brick Mug

This build-on brick mug will have your boyfriend enjoying his cup of joe and having fun too. The mug is made of BPA-free plastic, and comes in black and grey with exterior building surface an extra bricks to build with. If you’re boyfriend is the kid-at-heart kind, is a perfect addition to his morning routine, for just around $20.

Other Geeky Gifts for Boyfriends

Have other ideas for a boyfriend who is a geek? Feel free to leave them below and let us know. When it comes to gift ideas, you can never have too many. Okay, maybe you can have too many. But here at Awesome Gifts, we try to give you as many as possible – including ones from other readers like you!