Summer is the best time of year for people who enjoy a pool party. Whether you like swimming or just lounging around, remembering to thank the host with a gift can ensure that you get more opportunities to have fun. To help, we’ve come up with a list of ideas for the best gifts to bring to a summer pool party.

One of the most important things is to make sure you know enough about a person to buy them an appropriate gift. In addition to all the great ideas below, we also have some general tips for gift giving that you should keep in mind before you bring something to the next pool party you attend.

Awesome Gifts for a Pool Party

While bringing a gift to a pool party might not be the norm, it should be! When you consider all that goes into making sure guests have a good time, it’s a nice gesture to give the host something small.

Food for a Pool Party

One of the most common gifts to bring to a part poolside is food. Here are some items you can bring that will make the most people happy.

  • Dessert – As the host will probably already have plans for the main dish and even side dishes, bring a nice ice cream cake or some other fun treat. If the party has a theme, it might be easier to pick the perfect dessert to bring as a gift.
  • Beer / Soda – Depending whether it’s going to be a party for adults or if children will be present, bringing more drinks – alcoholic or otherwise – is also a good idea. Try to get something special that you know the host really enjoys.
  • Specialty Dish – Have a favorite family recipe for a fruit salad? Make it up and give it as a gift. Just make sure you make enough so that everyone at the part is able to get at least a little bit.
  • Gourmet Coffee – While this might not get opened during the party, some high quality coffee beans is a great idea for those who love the drink. Know beforehand whether they drink it with or without caffeine.
  • Fresh Produce – If you have fruit trees, a garden, or even just a great farmer’s market near your house, bring over a bunch of fresh fruit or vegetables. This doesn’t cost a lot of money but shows you care about the host.

Pool Party Entertainment

Next, let’s go over a few ideas for different types of entertainment items you can bring to a pool party to impress the host or hostess.

  • Music – Whether you bring a collection of CDs to gift the host or you fill up an external hard drive with the person’s favorite tunes, giving music is almost always a good idea no matter the circumstances.
  • Water Balloons – If you don’t want to spend too much on the gift – and depending on who’s going to be present at the party – a few bags of water balloons may be a big hit, especially if it’s really hot out.

Other Pool Party Gifts

Here are some other general ideas if you decide thanking the host that invited you to a pool party deserves a gift for all the trouble they went through.

  • Flowers / Plant – Whether it’s flowers that will go away in a few days or an actual plant that the homeowner can plant in their yard, this can be a very thoughtful gift to thank someone for inviting you to the pool party. The negative to this one is that the host might be afraid of killing the plant, so be careful.
  • A Party Invitation – If you’ve been invited to a party by the pool, why not have one of your own? Even if it’s not a pool party, throw some type of get together and make sure you make a special invitation for the host at the party you’re attending.

Tips for Gift Giving at Pool Parties

In general, you’re not going to want to spend more than $15 to $30 on a gift – unless you’re really close to the person throwing the party. Try to get creative. While we’ve given you some general ideas above, you know the person who is getting the gift better. Take into consideration what they enjoy and you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect.

Our list of gift ideas range in price, but there’s sure to be something for everyone.   Have any ideas of your own? We love hearing from our readers! Leave a comment below and add your own thoughts or ideas. And be sure to take a look at our party gift section with a lot of other great ideas for all types of parties.