If you have a special woman in your life, you might be thinking about buying her a unique and awesome gift. We’re here to help with a rundown of great ideas in all different price levels. We’re going to separate our gifts by cost for this guide, but you should remember that it’s the thought that counts most and not the money you spend. Take the time and find something that she will actually enjoy – even if it doesn’t cost a ton of money. Ready to get started?

Awesome Gifts Under $10 for Girlfriends

To start out, we’re going to give you some groovy ideas for inexpensive gifts that are still going to mean a lot to your girlfriend.

  • Book – If your girlfriend is a voracious reader, buying her a book she loves will make her happy. The trick is in knowing what type of books she likes to read without letting on that you’re buying her a gift.
  • Nail Polish Set – If you know her favorite color, you can get your girlfriend a really nice nail polish set for well under $10 most of the time. Just be sure that she’s actually the type of woman who wear nail polish frequently.
  • Trivia Box Game: We Love the 80’s – This will only be a good gift if your girlfriend grew up during the 1980s, but for those who did, it can be a fun way to pass the time together.

Best Gifts Under $50 for Girlfriends

Next, we’re going to give you some ideas for under $50 – a bit more money to work with to find a suitable gift for your girlfriend.

  • Flowers – This may sound boring and old fashioned, but you can bet your girlfriend would love getting surprised with a bouquet of flowers at work or home. Remember that you don’t need to get roses to express your love.
  • Comfy Slippers – While bunny slippers might be okay for some girlfriends, try to look around and find something high quality that will be stylish and comfortable – i.e. something she will actually wear more than occasionally.
  • Birthstone Bracelet – Most of the time, you should be able to find a nice silver or gold bracelet with a gemstone that represents the month your girlfriend was born in. Just make sure you double check and get the right stone!

Great Gifts Under $100 for Girlfriends

If you’ve known your girlfriend a little longer, you might want to spend a little more money – which is fine. This is a short list of great ideas for gifts between $50 and $100.

  • La Mason Du Chocolate Truffles – At around $100, this may seem like an overpriced box of chocolate, but you really have to taste the truffles to understand why people are willing to pay so much.
  • Portable Speaker – A lot of great speakers for iPhones or other mobile devices are available these days. If your girlfriend is a music lover or movie watcher, get her a decent way to enjoy the audio.
  • Adopt a Dolphin – For girlfriends who aren’t materialistic, think about making a donation in their name to save dolphins, whales or even turtles. It helps to know their favorite animal, but if you can find that out this is an awesome gift they’ll remember.

Unique Gifts Over $500 for Women

Ready to marry your girlfriend? If so, getting a gift that costs over $500 is not odd. We have some great ideas for gifts that will have them telling all their friends and family how much they love you.

  • Vintage Bicycle – This is a good idea for a girlfriend who is athletic and likes riding bikes but still has a sense of style. Make sure you do your research before spending this much on a bicycle so you get something authentic.
  • Purse or Clutch – For women who love fashion and design, a new purse is going to make them happy. It’s important to make sure you know a little about fashion yourself so you get something you know they’ll love.
  • Jewelry – If you’re going to be spending over $500, jewelry is another idea to think about carefully. To make it special, try to get something that you know your girlfriend is going to enjoy wearing frequently.

Best Gift for Your Girlfriend

While we’ve given you a lot of ideas in this article, at the end of the day it’s your decision. The more you listen and known about your girlfriend, the easier it’s going to be to get her a gift in any price range. The final decision is yours.

If you have any ideas on awesome gifts for girlfriends, leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. At Awesome Gifts, we think our readers have better ideas than us – sometimes. In all seriousness, join the conversation and let us know your opinion.