The is the best deal on the web for this quantity.  Free shipping may be available during certain times of year. These sky lanterns require no set up or installation.  They come pre-assembled and are 100% bio-degradable.  They are wire free and live stock friendly.  The last for about 12-15 minutes and are very easy to light.

Who Will Love Sky Lanterns as a Gift?

Wondering who would love getting these sky lanterns as a gift? Here’s a short list of some possible types of people who might really enjoy getting it.

  • Party Planners – If you know someone who plans a lot of parties, this can be a great gift to let them know you appreciate getting invited to them. The fact you get assorted colors in this pack makes it perfect for many different occasions.
  • Memorial Service – If you’re going to be attending a memorial service, this can be a good way for the grieving to say goodbye to their loved one as it floats away in the sky.
  • Artists – Anyone who’s artistic or romantic is going to love watching these fly away into the night sky, illuminating their way into the darkness. For under $20, it’s hard to get anything that will give you the same thrill.

Beyond the people listed above, a lot of others also might enjoy this gift. As with everything else on our website, this can also be a good gift for YOU!

Features and Benefits of Sky Lanterns

Now, let’s go over some of the main features and benefits of this product so you can decide whether or not it’s a goof gift to give someone in your life.

  • Flies High – The maximum flight height is around 1000 yards, which is more than enough.
  • Green Product – The fuel cell used in these is environmentally friendly – meaning it won’t harm the environment once it drops back to the ground.
  • Completely Safe – The entire sky lantern is made from biodegradable, flame resistant and non-hazardous materials so you know it’s completely safe when used according to directions that are included.
  • Perfect Size – With dimensions of  16″(L)  x  16″(W)  x  27″(H), these are the perfect size to be seen as they float away in the evening sky at dusk. 

These are great for all types of celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, and any other type of party you can imagine where it’s important to get people’s attention. Imagine hearing all the Ooh’s and Aah’s from people as they watch them climb into the sky as if by magic. Little children especially love watching them go up.

Have you used Chinese sky lanterns or seen them before? Leave your thoughts and opinions below and join the conversation. Here at AwesomeGifts, we love hearing from all of our readers because we think it makes the website better overall.

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